Guji Mane Coffee Brewed w/ AeroPress We really enjoyed brewing this Guji Mane Coffee from CxffeeBlack. Let us know what you think and enjoy the video!!!

Royal Kona Coffee Home Brew w/ Chemex Here's a short video of us brewing Royal Kona medium roast coffee for the first time using the Chemex. Hope you enjoy the video!!!

Brew with The Crew Esp. 1 Here's our first Brew with The Crew episode... Kind of raw but I just wanted to get this out so we can build from...

Coffee Beards & Bowties Presents: The Inter-Brew The Inter-Brew is our entrepreneurial interview segment highlighting the coffee, hair & grooming, and men's fashion industries. Please watch and enjoy!

What’s your Coffee Story?

“What’s your Coffee Story???” By Eric CBB I'm sure the majority of coffee drinkers have a memorable moment that forever transformed them into a coffee...

Video message from Eric CBB I am extremely excited to see where we can take this group. Please join our community and introduce yourself... See you in the forum!!!

Welcome to Coffee Beards & Bowties

My People!!! I developed this page for a variety of reasons. I found myself clicking through a long list of websites searching for information on...